Quiz show buttons

Since I know nothing about electronics, I took up the challenge to build quiz show button system for deskidance It consists of 16 buttons, indicator laps and a control panel. Whenever a button is pressed, the light goes on and the other buttons are locked out, hence you can see who was the first to press a button. It was a heck of job, there’s nothing like debugging electronics after all night soldering session. It runs on 8 dual JK switches, 2 8-way NOR gates plus an AND gate. One thing I learned in the 2 weeks build is that next time I’ll use a ready made micro controller ;)

Honda FT500 seat & luggage rack

I found some leftover curtain hanging pipes (or whatever they’re called) in my garage and turned them into a luggage rack. It was 3 days of cutting, welding, more cutting, sweating, more cutting and welding and some swearing. It still needs a few fixes, like a plate to separate luggage from the exhaust pipe… just an idea.

Since I know nothing about upholstery, this morning I woke up and decided to make my own seat cover. I mean, how hard can it be?

I must say it resembles a real seat cover and many people think it is.

In case you were wondering why do I need it all… I’m heading to Albania this very Sunday morning, 2 up.

Knife making

I saw seen some youtube videos about knife making, especially this one, and I thought I’d have a go. In total it was about €5 for the materials and 8 hours of work. The handle is made out of beechwood, I have tons of it laying around after parquet renovation. After much polishing it was time to aply some protective finish to the wood. I mixed linen oil with a little bit of oak varnish. Now it looks very nice with a satin finish, didn’t want it glossy.