Honda FT500 rumbler-scrambler-street-fucker-tracker-kinda-thing

Finally I have a bike! :) As for me it’s got to be the ugliest bike in the World. I mean check it out!

How shit faced on sake do you have to be to design something as hideous as this front light contraption!? It must have been The Year of a Drunken Goat at Honda or I don’t know what.


I sat on it 8hrs a day for a week before it looked decent enough to appear in public. I event got the Polish MOT cleared. I bought it from some guy which didn’t even have a license and was riding it round his village without the MOT for… 11 (eleven!) years. There were wires coming out of the rear tire, the brakes were… not there, the drive chain was hanging loose like a wizard sleeve, if you know what I mean. But it was running and it was only 400 EUR. Here are a few pics from a little trail ridin’ just 5min out of town where I live.


[singlepic id=563 w=610]

It used to say Honda somewhere down there.


[singlepic id=564 w=610]


[singlepic id=565 w=610]


[singlepic id=566 w=610]


[singlepic id=567 w=610]


[singlepic id=568 w=610]


[singlepic id=569 w=610]


[singlepic id=570 w=610]

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