New K&N air filter and new frame rear loop for the Honda

Believe it or not, last Saturday I lost the air filter on my FT500. It fell out somewhere on the rough dirt road, 40km from home, I never saw it again. Almost bought a new stock one, but I’ve found a bargain on a K&N. Say no more. I was waiting for a long time to throw this big air box out of the way. The only problem was that my carburetor had a 54mm diameter, and this filter was 57mm. But, quotecorner pharmacy, as someone told me before, one problem is no problem. I cut a rubber band out of a bicycle inner tube, put it on the carb and the filter fit right in.

that’s my crankcase breather filter for now, if you ask…

my mate Łukasz gave me his bent BMX handlebars, I put them into use right away

the frame is ready, finally I can get on with the seat pan and upholstery

The battery is at the same place it use to be. I utilized the lower part of the original basket, had to weld back a broken tab, and used a very stylish leather strap to hold it tight. It really ties the room together, don’t you think?