Recruitment project calendar


In short: In 2021, I played a crucial role as the in-house UX specialist at eVolpe in developing custom Human Capital Management (HCM) software for Contrain, a global temp agency, using MintHCM as our base. The project aimed to serve two user groups: recruiters and project managers. I designed a visual timetable, integrated Yeastar Call Center, and later realized the need for separate calendars to cater to their distinct requirements, emphasizing the importance of user-centric adaptability.


Contrain, an international temp work agency was in need of a custom HCM software. MintHCM, and open-source project, has been chosen as the backbone.

My role

As the in-house UX specialist at eVolpe my function was to work alongside the proxy product owner and define the needs of the client for that project. Then I was to come up with a solution of the concept and produce mockups for testing and later to provide deliverables for the dev team.


There were two user groups that the system was designed for. The recruiters, who’s job was to match the best candidates for specific jobs, and project managers, who where dealing with workers, their employers, housing and contract terminations. Unfortunately I was not given access to the users and could only gather insights from the product owner and a few managers.

Design process

Recruiters had to see at a glance basic candidate info and their availability. I decided to show a time table with visual representation of declared availability with controls to change it by drag and drop. The design went through two to three iterations before it was approved and move into development stage.


To the left of it I placed the candidates with clear icons showing things like driving or fork lift license. To the right there was an interactive time table.

Candidates were grouped into projects. On top of that there were advanced filters with quick actions like “only assigned to me” so each recruiter could narrow the scope to their needs.

Another feature was the integration with a Yeastar Call Center. Whenever a recruiter answered a call from a candidate, they were presented with a popup that helped identify that person, add a note, or change the candidature status. The view was designed to accommodate various scenarios, like multiple candidates using the same phone number (a quite common situation for contract workers abroad), or to identify a call from a new candidate not present in the database.

Furter evaluation

Quickly after launch of this feature it was realised that the recruiters and project managers have different needs for it and in reality need two separate calendars. The second calendar was developed with this in mind. It focused on already signed workers, their housing accommodations, special contract period limitations etc.