Small progress

New shocks arrived last week, but the bike is still under a feet of snow and it’s -7*C outside.

But I managed to get the seat off and took it apart:

I ordered new cover material, it’s due to arrive on Monday. I’m going to make new upholstery (don’t ask me how, I worry about that later). I’ll be reshaping the foam as well since the seat is to low for my liking.

First the seat pan needs some adjustments. Since all plastic body panels didn’t last too long (I took them off once I saw them and newer put them back) the seat doesn’t quite match the frame. I mean it looks fine, but it’s not what I want. There are 2-4cm gaps on the sides and the rear end goes up and leaves a gaping hole above the fender.

First goal was to flatten the rear. I pulled out a hacksaw and heat gun, and went to work:

So far so good!

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