Cafe Racer meeting

Today I’ve been to Cafe Racer meeting at Cruise Inn in Amsterdam. There were some nice bikes, but overall there was more coffee and dressing up than racing. Later I hit the road with Lenny and scarred some cows in the countryside. More pictures of bikes themselves soon on Bubble Visor.

[singlepic id=421]


[singlepic id=422]


[singlepic id=423]


[singlepic id=424]


[singlepic id=425]


[singlepic id=420]


[singlepic id=426]


[singlepic id=427]


[singlepic id=428]


[singlepic id=429]


[singlepic id=430]


[singlepic id=431]


[singlepic id=432]


[singlepic id=433]


[singlepic id=434]


[singlepic id=435]


[singlepic id=436]


[singlepic id=437]


[singlepic id=438]


[singlepic id=439]


[singlepic id=440]


[singlepic id=441]


I’ll call it “tunnel impressions”. Or expressions?

[singlepic id=442]


[singlepic id=443]


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