Nationaal Veteraan Treffen in Woerden 2011

Yesterday I went to Woerden for a national classic bikes meeting. Very nice bikes, but for me there was too much chrome polishing to not enough action. I went there with Lenny and his friend, we blasted through the countryside, great ride. Here’s what caught my eye. More on BubbleVisor.

[singlepic id=360]


[singlepic id=361]


[singlepic id=362]


[singlepic id=363]


[singlepic id=364]


A Mongolian hippy kinda thing:

[singlepic id=365]


[singlepic id=366]


I love that… thing. It has a VW Golf engine in it.

[singlepic id=367]


[singlepic id=368]


[singlepic id=369]


[singlepic id=370]


[singlepic id=371]


[singlepic id=372]


[singlepic id=373]


That should be a definition of a cafe racer taught  in schools. No bullshit, no shinny stuff, no custom paint, one purpose: RIDE!

[singlepic id=374]


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