Indoor longboarding in Swiss Alps

Here’s a couple of pictures I took last year while I was on a snowboarding trip in Laax, Switzerland. Under the whole hotel complex there was an underground parking, and level -3 was totally empty. We decided to use it well and organized longboard practice sessions and race.

[singlepic id=343]


[singlepic id=344]


[singlepic id=345]


[singlepic id=346]


[singlepic id=347]


[singlepic id=348]


[singlepic id=349]


[singlepic id=350]


[singlepic id=351]


[singlepic id=352]


[singlepic id=353]


[singlepic id=354]


[singlepic id=355]


[singlepic id=356]


[singlepic id=357]


[singlepic id=358]


[singlepic id=359]


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