Chopperstyle forum custom bike meeting in Ijsselstein

Chopperstyle – a Dutch low budget chopper build forum held an event at Highlands in Ijsselstein last Saturday. Lenny form BubbleVisor and Miob form bmwCafeBlog where there as well.

[singlepic id=323]


[singlepic id=307]


[singlepic id=308]


[singlepic id=309]


[singlepic id=328]


[singlepic id=310]


[singlepic id=315]


[singlepic id=316]


[singlepic id=317]


[singlepic id=318]


[singlepic id=319]


[singlepic id=311]


[singlepic id=312]


[singlepic id=313]


[singlepic id=314]


[singlepic id=320]


[singlepic id=324]


[singlepic id=336]


[singlepic id=321]


[singlepic id=322]


[singlepic id=325]


[singlepic id=326]


[singlepic id=329]


[singlepic id=330]


[singlepic id=327]


[singlepic id=331]


[singlepic id=332]


[singlepic id=334]


[singlepic id=335]


[singlepic id=333]


[singlepic id=338]


[singlepic id=337]


[singlepic id=339]


[singlepic id=340]


[singlepic id=341]


[singlepic id=342]

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