spring is here, time to hit the spanners

Here’s how the finished product from the last post looks like. Much better than the previous one, now I can pivot the bike on it.

DUD_7631 DUD_7630

After I had ditched the centre stand last year, I got tired of jacking the bike up on pieces of wood every time I wanted to do some serious work on it, and I decided I need a service stand. So I went to the shop buy soma no prescription and bought… some square profiles 30mm x 30mm x 3mm and built one. Doing it I realised that now that I actually can weld a bit, I need to focus on the “keeping things straight and square” side of it. Mainly to have the patience to make jigs etc. I’m always rushing to get to the welding as fast as possible, when in fact it’s more like a finishing touch to all the designing, measuring, cutting, fitting and other 80% of the work necessary to get a good result.


I ended up recutting and rewelding the thing a few times to get it reasonably straight. But it works like a charm!

DUD_7620 DUD_7619

I found a new spot for the crankcase breather and used a much longer tube, hoping that it will prevent it from spitting oil at all the surrounding elements, like the air filter, battery and my trousers.


The final solution to the sticking rear brake was to buy a front calliper off a Honda XL600. It fits the mount right on, the only difference to the original is that the piston is a bit bigger. I might end up with a stronger rear brake, so what. I still have to make an adapter for the Honda CB600 rear master cylinder I’m using, cause it’s misaligned with the pedal brake a bit and causes problems.


You may also notice new rubber at the back. It’s the same as the front, the ever so popular Continental TKC80, in 140 size. I picked it up for 15 EUR, with 7mm thread left and a small damage to the tire bed. It’s no issue here, since I always use an inner tube at the rear.


Being at the arse end of the bike I also did some work on the fender. I cut it shorter and welded a light and plate bracket at the back of it. I also ditched the rubber flap I had there.


DUD_7648 DUD_7639 DUD_7641

In the beginning I wanted to build a retro scrambler out of it, but I realised that with that square mid eighties engine, mag wheels, disc brakes and other details it will never look like it’s from the fifties. Now I want to stick to the sharp lines of that bike and emphasise them even more. I already have a crazy idea for the front light(s) setup, and more important, I don’t give a damn if anybody will like it.

Welding skills progress

Welding skills progress. I was fixing my motorcycle stand today. On the right last year attempt, no penetration, big online drugstore, blob of shit. Plus the metal bracket was to thin and it went all sideways. On the left today’s job. Looks like a row of pennies. I got the settings right at the first try, maybe I was just lucky.



quiz show buttons

Since I know nothing about electronics, I took up the challenge to build quiz show button system for deskidance It consists of 16 buttons, indicator laps and a control panel. Whenever a button is pressed, the light goes on and the other buttons are locked out, hence you can see who was the first to press the button. It was a heck of job, there’s nothing like debugging electronics after all night soldering session. It runs on 8 dual JK switches, 2 8-way NOR gates plus an AND gate. One thing I learned in the 2 weeks build is that next time I’ll use a ready made micro controller ;)

SG200408-copy SG200399-copy SG200395-copy DUD_7276-copy DUD_7267-copy DUD_7263-copy DUD_7259-copy DUD_7256-copy DUD_7253-copy DUD_7250-copy DUD_7248-copy


ft500 seat & luggage rack

I found some leftover curtain hanging pipes (or whatever they’re called) in my garage and turned them into a luggage rack. It was 3 days of cutting, welding, more cutting, sweating, more cutting and welding and some swearing. It still needs a few fixes, like a plate to separate luggage from the exhaust pipe… just an idea.


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Since I know nothing about upholstery, this morning I woke up and decided to make my own seat cover. I mean, how hard can it be?


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I must say it resembles a real seat cover and many people think it is.

In case you were wondering why do I need it all… I’m heading to Albania this very Sunday morning, 2 up.