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a day’s work

Posted on Oct 19, 2012 in Honda FT500 Scrambler, moto!, Uncategorized | 0 comments

I always had a problem with documenting my garage adventures. When I make pictures, I take it seriously, meaning I have to concentrate a lot. And when I’m in the middle of a havoc, running around with hammers like a tasmanian devil, it’s even harder to concentrate. But today I took the challenge. Here’s what happened:

First, if you’re wondering what’s that rubber string doing around my clutch leaver…


This is how I roll man:


Here I keep all the important electrics.


So proud of itself.


I didn’t check the manual, but I hope it’s suppose to look like that.


Simplicity is the key.


New light bracket, horn will probably go underneath it.


The new classic look.


I got the cheapest stand alone rollgas I could lay my hands on. I thought it’s so simple nobody can fuck this up.


What a surprise, the cable was way to short to attach it to the carb. Had to do it the Mongolian way.


Deciphering the spaghetti.


Slowly getting a hang of it all.


Every time I looked at all the cables and wiring diagrams in all my bikes I was wandering if it really has to be so complicated. This time I had an opportunity to check it. The plan was to get rid of the blinkers, move the ignition and light switches to the back, leaving only horn, starter and brake light switch on the handlebars. After a couple of hours of reading the diagram, cutting, soldering, more reading, cutting, blowing the main fuse, making a new wire fuse, more soldering and reading and cutting I finally made it! I got rid of all the connectors and unnecessary cables from the front and moved the switches and fuse box under the seat.

New control panel. From the top left: Hi/Lo beam switch, master lights switch, key hole and ignition switch.


That’s my new key. I picked up the idea from Corpses From Hell MB blog I think.


It doesn’t open the tank tho.


I’m still waiting for the handlebars switches to arrive, so in the mean time I have no horn and have to hot wire it to start it up. Tomorrow I’ll replace the clutch cable and hit the dirt.

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