A day on a bike

Zoran and his deflating kz400. There was a nail lying on the road and he decided to pick it up, with his tire.


Lennard of BubbleVisor. Actually I was carrying his bubble visor in my backpack as it didn’t fit on his helmet.


Miob’s cb750. He had quite a day I must say, what could possibly go wrong on a sunny Sunday morning…



My piece of shit. Good news: it stopped liking oil. Bad news: it started raining oil. I bought a roll of gaffer tape and secured my airbox hoses because they were a bit loose. And guess what, the bike started to run smooth like a baby’s ass. No flat spots on the throttle, good acceleration and no more funny stuff. I thought I was in for a carburetor job. 4.99 euro well invested.


We got some magic tire fixer at a gas station and inflated Zoran’s tire with it. It was supposed to be use with tubeless tires only, but we didn’t have much choice. And I guess one shouldn’t ride on a highway with a deflating tire, specially if the front brake tends to get stuck, www.health-canada-pharmacy.com, and the engine is overheating, and some overflow hose is loose and is spitting fuel all over it to give a nice smoke effect. But again we didn’t have much choice. We made it back and now have a story to tell, that’s what matters. I think.


After getting back to Amsterdam and having a tea at Zoran’s place, Lennard and me headed off to Halfweg. Very very cool roads out there.






For me the best were faces of people going to church in a small village near Utrecht as we went by. Their expressions suggested they saw something like that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDrTIHnBqL4

Kawa reactivation

I made those pictures of my old (it’s older than me, that’s for sure) bike last year in Marken near Amsterdam. That’s also my favorite road around here, narrow, twisty and most of the time empty. It’s time for new photos, I made some changes.